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Your car, garage or an unforgettable journey

We want to observe and listen to your Alfa Romeo and get to know your personal garage. Tell the story of your car, the path of a restoration or an unforgettable journey aboard your Alfa Romeo.

Send your story, a set of photos or a video, we will publish all the material received to share it with readers.

Before starting

Some indications on how to proceed

Alfa and car data – Mandatory
Fill in and send the requested data in the appropriate form

Photographs – Mandatory
Send a set between 6 and 10 photographs. Find the right inspiration and photograph your Alfa Romeo in the context you prefer. Don’t miss out on a front, side, back and 3/4 photo, for the others we leave room for your imagination.

Maximum weight for each photo 250kb, minimum size 1440x960px. Send photos via email or send the link for sharing files uploaded to drive, cloud, wetransfer or other services.

If you send only photos, a “Gallery” will be created and published in the gallery.

Tell us about your passion for Alfa Romeos or the model in your possession. Is it a family car? Your purchase? How did you complete the sale? Has your car been restored? Have you traveled with your Alfa Romeo around the world? Tell us all you want, we’ll publish the story along with the photos.

The photos attached to a text will create a “History” that will be published in the appropriate category.

Attach a video with a weight not exceeding 15mb. If a text is present we will insert it in the “History”, otherwise in the appropriate “Video” category.

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